The Walking Dead - A New Frontier

The Walking Dead – A New Frontier – Family comes first

The Walking Dead is undoubtedly the best work done by Telltale Games boys, and now it is back with more drama, more angst, more intrigue, more violence and more deaths than regret.

Telltale Games is an American video game developer company formed by former LucasArts Entertainment Company employees in 2004. The Walking Dead was released in 2012 for all platforms and for the first time included in the extensive list the world’s most popular operating system, Android.

The Walking Dead – A New Frontier repeats the formula to which we are accustomed, and when we believe that it can not be more, we are surprised with a game where the action takes place continuously and without realizing we will be finishing the first two chapters.

As in the previous titles of the saga, our decisions and choices determine the destiny of the characters and the outcome of this great story that at times makes us forget that it is a game.

An impressive plot drama

In The Walking Dead – A New Frontier story is everything, has an excellent script. In this new adventure we are introduced to Javier, a young Latino professional baseball player who gave himself the hard task of directing and protecting his family formed by a small group of people who managed to survive after these 4 years of the epidemic, Kate his sister Minor and the two children of his brother.

In the first chapter, we can learn even more about the past of Javier and why the hard separation from his family. Although now present us with new characters is impossible to overcome the affection for the characters of Lee Everett and Clementine, but with so Just to play a few minutes, we will understand Javier and his family. I will not go into details because I do not want this analysis to be full of spoliers.

In this new installment, we will live and see everything through Javier’s eyes. The new chaotic situations and the short time we have to choose an answer to make us stand before one of the best moments of all The Walking Dead and best of all is That we will see a clementine experienced and assorted in combat.

The Walking Dead – A New Frontier review


In this section there are not many variations compared to the previous titles released, we control our main character, and we look for objects with which we will have to interact. The mechanics of the dialogues are the same although in the plot it has surpassed our expectations.


Actually, in this section our friends of Telltale Games have exceeded our expectations, presenting us a new graphic engine that has improved the animations of all the characters and adding more details to the scenarios have managed to introduce us totally in history. An excellent job.


In this section, I just have to say that we are before some of the best soundtracks of mobile games. The music is accurate for each dramatic situation or action. And I appreciate that the game retains the original language for the excellent work done by the actors who provided their voice for this project, although there are still aspects to improve on subtitles. But this does not detract from the great work of Telltale Games.

Final verdict:

We are facing some of the best launches of this year for the Android system, the excellent graphics and once again Telltale Games teaches us that he is the king of realistic action and adventure games. Approximately it will take us 70 minutes to finish each episode, really recommended for all those who already played the previous chapters and more for lovers of graphic adventure.

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