The Fire Emblem Heroes

The Fire Emblem Heroes – Do you live up to being a Legend?

As we said a while ago, Nintendo has entered into all the world of mobile since it made available to all Pokemon Go. After the departure of this one did not wait and brought us great games, one of these is what I will talk about now, Fire Emblem Heroes.

Fire Emblem Heroes, enter and become a legend

Begin the adventure as part of the Order of Heroes to help the Askran Kingdom in its difficult situation. Summons heroes from multiple Fire Emblem titles, including Lucina, Takumi and Roy. Use the rock-paper-scissors cycle for weapon types to gain an advantage with Fire Sword, Wind Ax, and Thunder Spear. Equip the heroes with a weapon and a resistive element, along with a skill such as Astra or Night Sky.

Create the Strongest Team of All

Form teams of up to four heroes to participate in the PvE history campaign. Measure against other players in Duels Arena PvP. Approach battles of limited-time heroes to defeat personal heroes and recruit them as allies.

Win orbs and unlock the best warriors

Play Fire Emblem Heroes is mainly composed of participating in battles to gain orbs and then use those orbs to unlock characters from previous Fire Emblem games at random. There are several currencies to manage a leveling and layering system. But that’s the primary feedback loop. Win a battle, collect an Orb, and hope for a good character (or your favorite) to unlock; If you do not get what you want, keep trying. What is missing is the reason.

A new Fire Emblem, a new mechanic

Although it maintains some things, we are accustomed to seeing in this franchise. The game brings us new things.

We could say that Fire Emblem Heroes is a simplified and compact version of what have been the games of the series. Nevertheless and although its appearance could make to believe too many fans that this one detaches of several of those aspects that made so in-depth and exciting to the franchise, when we play it we realize that retains the necessary content to make feel that you are playing a regular Fire Emblem game.

The most remarkable thing that we can comment is the disappearance of the permanent death of the character, something emblematic in the series. But this also entails his problems like having to start the game again and, among other things.

Also the change of the attacks of the archers and that. Minor things that were changed for this delivery.

Fire Emblem Heroes Trailer from Nintendo

Review by category of Fire Emblem Heroes:


The game maintains the same gameplay that the series has from the beginning, despite some slight changes it has. Fire Emblem Heroes has a good gameplay that manages to keep the essence of Fire Emblem intact.


Fire Emblem Heroes stands out a lot for the graphics that it has since it has an anime style, something that makes it stand out a lot. This entry is not far behind, as it maintains a well-developed aesthetic with excellent characters.


Since Fire Emblem Heroes is an environment in medieval times, it has some well-made kinds of music, which adapt to the moments of the game, besides being very harmonious. Also, the music in the home areas was very well chosen and makes you not be so bored when you expect it to load or download some files for the game.

Final verdict:

With this, Nintendo bets strongly on this sector. Fire Emblem Heroes could be said to be a small game compared to other deliveries out there.

But even this game has its appeal and has nothing to envy the other Fire Emblem. The game is constantly being updated bringing new things to the players.

You could question the restriction map series to fit the screen. This feels like a blessing and a curse. A blessing because battles are easy to plan and makes the game faster and more dynamic. And a curse because such a small space eliminates the possibility of interesting map designs and in which you can take advantage of a fascinating strategies.

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