Soul Knight – Many reflexes and infinite action

Today we bring you Soul Knight, a Roguelike adapted to the mobile platform that you can not miss. Chilly Room, the developer of this title, has opted for a little seen or almost nonexistent style in the store of our device. This young developer has other games like Cute Runner or Birdie Pop, both games with high ratings and good scores.

With this anteroom is made available to the user Soul Knight, a pioneer who dares to offer a new genre to the players. Will the community’s love and support be won?

Soul Knight offers instant action on the screen of our smartphone. Upon opening the game, we will be provided a very basic tutorial with minimal notions of movement and attack. Just finish it and start in a room where we will choose our PJ to launch the game. Before we continue, we will explain what a roguelike is based on.

Free class of video games: Roguelike

Jokes aside, the roguelike is a genre very common on other gaming platforms. It is a type of video game based on the exploration of dungeons. These dungeons are generated randomly and in a changing way, creating an infinite number of possible combinations. The goal of these games is to reach the “end” of the level in which treasures await us. Another end is the death of our character, something entirely common because of the high difficulty. There is usually no history as such, although they usually have a relatively large core that develops secondarily. In short, the purpose of this type of games is to enter and explore dungeons in an infinite way.

120 different weapons, infinite combinations

Once explained briefly what a roguelike we passed to Soul Knight. Once we start the run, we can see several elements on screen: health bar, power bar (ammunition) and lightning that will give us access to our unique ability. Two things accompany us from the beginning, one will be a bad pistol and the other, more adorable, will be our pet (a default cat).

With a very simple interface, we can move quickly while dodging the projectiles of our enemies. A button does the triggering, and the aiming will be automatic. Finally, at each level, we will find a weapon to use (we can only carry two simultaneously) and a portal that will take us to the next step. Note that at each level first rooms can appear randomly containing statues to pray for profits or stores where to buy weapons or improvements.

Soul Knight Gameplay Trailer

Soul Knight Review by category


Pure playability. In spite of having a system of auto-aim, the game proposes a real challenge. Memorizing the use of each weapon as well as the improvements they bring is critical if you want to thrive in the match. At first glance, it may seem like a very repetitive game, but the dungeon self-generation system randomly makes it something new every time you play it. Equally still has possibilities of being a casual game since we can save the run and follow at any time.


Type 8-bits with good textures, ideal for these games. Soul Knight is influenced by other titles and incorporates that retro style with lettering with almost console type of command. A hit for the nostalgic.


Elevator music that will make you think you’re in a recreational. As for the in-game sounds, each weapon has its music and interactions with the environment and enemies are more than correct. Nor was it something difficult to achieve.

Final verdict:

I am not one of those who usually says that a game is the best of its kind, but Soul Knight offers everything the usual roguelike in the palm of your hand. All this with a very cool interface and some comfortable controls. An excellent game in all rules.

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