Pokemon Duel – Build your team and be the best!

Following the amazing success Pokémon GO of Nintendo, we bring you the new release of Pokémon for mobile and is called Pokémon Duel. This game came out earlier than Pokémon GO due to its launch in Japan in April of last year as Pokémon Co-Master.

Pokemon Duel, the innovation of the saga

Pokémon Duel is a mobile game developed by HEROZ that is based on the short life of the Pokémon Trading Figure, a game that came out worldwide in 2006.

The game presents duels in which you face other people, bone, and you have to be connected the times you play this game, as it has no offline mode.

Defeat all your rivals

The game makes us face six Pokémon until we reach the main point on the board of our rival. Each figure can move many different spaces on the board. Depending on the turn and level of the same.

It is a relatively straightforward concept, but the game suggests a surprising depth before stumbling and losing its potential heights.

Something new to play

This game would be like Pokémon with chess, do not worry about understanding the game. In the beginning, you will find a fairly lengthy tutorial on the same but quite useful in resolving any possible doubts.

Pokémon Duel has a simple system that is easy to get used to. After the tutorial, you will receive a deck with six creatures.

Each figure has its unique moves and sometimes even a special ability. Some skills prevent state conditions, while others allow them to pass through other Pokémon. These various skills require you to think very well before making any moves.

Chance, who decides the winner

The strategic factor goes to waste when you enter a match inside the board. Once we start a fight, you will see two roulette spin on the screen and once they stop you will know the winner for the attack points.

The roulette spinning randomly gives you little or no control over the movement that is deployed by your Pokémon. This creates a hole in the whole strategy of the game as it is left too haphazard. Although you can be very strategic in the movements and placement of your Pokémon on the board, everything can be erased by a random choice in your game.

Leaving everything at the mercy of chance to attack or what action your Pokémon will perform and taking everything to the fiasco if it is not the one that is needed at that moment.

Get them all!

Like all card games or units, in Pokémon Duel, you can get more cards by spending gems of the match.

We will have two types of money in the game:

  • The coins, with which we can perfect our Pokémon.
  • The gems, with which we can buy packs of figures to get random some regular and other legendary Pokémon, depending on the package purchased.

These can come in different classes or rarities, are common coming to the hardest to get like the EX.

Pokemon Duel – Gameplay Trailer

Pokemon Duel Review by Category:


As I said before, the gameplay style of Pokémon Duel is a remarkable Eastern style, from the first moment you realize that.

What we could say is that despite this, the game itself is accessible and understandable, nor is it so complicated, the only bad thing is that everything is left to chance, the rest is something innovative.


If we talk about the graphics, the game presents excellent animation regarding scenarios and Pokémon. It is a good job, something that we have always used Nintendo.


The atmosphere is good and does not show very repetitive, something good given the concentration that has one in the game.

Final verdict:

With this Nintendo risked throwing a game that very few were waiting or demanding since it comes out of everything that is Pokémon.

Pokémon Duel, despite presenting some connection problems in its early days, could be quickly replenished. Now it is continually updated adding new things, or rather, new Pokémon.

The game itself is excellent and is entertaining, it is not a super game either, but if you like challenges or play varied things or new styles of play, this game is for you.

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