Plants vs Zombies Heroes Guide

Plants vs Zombies Heroes Guide – Learn how to be the best

After many games, we bring you the best guide to Plants vs Zombies Heroes. Here we are going to explain how to play, different types of cards that we can find us, how to form our best deck and many tips with the best strategies.

Let’s start with the most core and we will raise the level in the guide as you enjoy reading. The first thing is to understand how is played and for this we will analyze the different elements that we will find in the game.

How to play Plants vs Zombies Heroes

Plants vs Zombies Heroes Guide

When we start playing a first tutorial where we will explain everything to do, but it is a lot of information at once, so we will cut you, so you understand well.

At the start screen, we will find ourselves at the bottom and our enemy at the top. Plants vs. Zombies Heroes is to launch attacks on our enemy to take away health and so die.

As you can see in the picture, we will have our hero on the bottom, and just ahead on the first line we will lose our cards to launch attacks rival to turn our opponent will defend itself with other cards that also we will attack.

Our hero starts with an original life of 20 health points. In each round, we can drop cards with the value of Suns in that round.

Some Suns increase by one for each round, bone, in round 3 we can cast cards with a value of 3 Suns or several cards totaling three Suns. In the case of zombies are brains instead of Suns. Now for you to understand how to damage our enemy let’s talk about the cards we can throw in Plants vs Zombies Heroes.

Elements that contain the letters

Plants vs Zombies Heroes Guide

The essential items that we have in the letters are the following:

  • Suns: It is represented by the symbol of the sun and indicates the value of Suns needed to use this card. In the example necessarily have 3 Suns to be able to launch the Creceseta.
  • Damage: It is the symbol that looks like a shrub with spikes. This represents the damage we will cause to our enemies when we attack. Creceseta would subtract a value of two to the zombie hero or to the zombie card to which to attack.
  • Health: The heart, most visible impossible, is the health of our letter. If they attack us with attack value greater or equal, they will kill it. Creceseta has a value of one, so it will almost always die unless we launch some card that increases the value of your life.
  • Class: It is the symbol of the right, a different symbol represents each level, and the categories of the plants are distinct from the one of the heroes. We will discuss this in more detail below.

In this image, we have a card from the deck of the plants, but the zombies are the same, the only thing that changes is the sun by brains. In turn, the cards usually have extra abilities, as can be +2 damage to all mushrooms, add +2 health to the cards that are at your side. These skills are beneficial during the game and make a card that does not seem to be very useful to end up being key in the game.

Now that we have seen the different elements that make up the character cards, taking advantage we will talk in depth about the cards. I hope you are enjoying this guide of Plants vs Zombies Heroes.

All cards from Plants vs Zombies Heroes

There are several divisions in the cards. First, we must differentiate the letters of Plants from the cards of Zombies. For each of them, we will have 20 plant heroes and 20 zombie heroes.

Inside the letters of plants or zombies, we find different kinds of cards. It is important to have this clear because depending on the hero we use we can use some kinds of cards or others. Heroes can use two different types of card classes so with each hero we will access two kinds of plants. As you know, we will have 20 heroes available for each race. Next, we will see the different kinds of letters.

Different types of classes of plant charts:

  • Guardian Class: These cards serve to defend us, and have armor and amphibious. We have 24 Guardian cards.
  • Kabum Class: The kabum class, as their name suggests are explosive cards, form marabouts that inflict extra damage. We will also have our 24 Kabum cards.
  • Giant Class: They get the plants to be giant and give us other attacks. As in the rest, we have 24 cards available from Giants.
  • Cunning Class: They have abilities to overcome our enemies like bouncing, freezing and amphibious. We have 24 Astute cards.
  • Solar Class: This class of cards is very useful because they manufacture extra Suns, heal and hit our enemies with perforating Impact. Of the solar type, we will have the possibility to choose between 25 different letters.

Different types of classes of zombie cards:

  • Bestial Class: Bestial class cards grow large, have frenzy and destroy the enemy. We will have 24 beastly cards.
  • Brain Class: It is always useful to have brain cards as they get extra brains, have tricks and use Diana. Like a solar class, we will have 25 cards.
  • Crazy Class: These are zombie cards formed by aggressive dancers inflicting direct damage. We can have 24 different Crazy cards.
  • Valorous Class: Cards to use a shield because of their high health, armor and healing. We have 24 cards available.
  • Stealth Class: As their name indicates are stealthy avoiding fights moving, with amphibious and hiding behind tombstones.

But we still have another division of cards, but well, this does not affect as much when they are used to play as when they appear in the game or that we need to get them. Within each class of Plants vs Zombies Heroes cards we have seen we can find the different types of cards: Basic – Common, Premium – Rare, Premium – Infrequent, Premium – Super Rare and Premium – Legendary.

How to get cards in Plants vs Zombies Heroes

The cards are obtained through the envelopes of letters. The first and easiest way to get cards envelopes in Plants vs Zombies Heroes is through missions. Each time we win a mission, we will be rewarded with envelopes.

Another way to get envelopes is by buying them in the store. To buy envelopes we will need jewels. The gems are obtained when completing missions or of course, buying them in the store. Currently, in the store we can buy three different Plants vs Zombies Heroes envelopes:

  • About Premium: 1 pocket has a cost of 100 jewels and brings 6x cards from the Prémium collection, at least 1x rare, superrace, legendary or a new hero. We also have the option to pay 1000 jewels and get 10 envelopes + 1 extra.
  • Multi-Premiums: Only have the pack of 20 envelopes + 3 extra per 2000 gems or 50 envelopes +10 extra per 5000 gems. Bring 6x cards from the Premium collection, 1x Rare, Excel, Legendary or a new hero. What a pasture that costs.
  • About Basic: This will be our most affordable envelope. It costs 50 jewels and brings 3x common from the basic collection.

Then as in Clash Royale, we will have exclusive offers like the Starter Lot that for 4.99 € brings 3 premium envelopes, a new hero and unlocks a new hero task. There are many more packs.

We will also have free envelopes of letters from time to time. Well, now you have to talk about the battle decks, here if you have to concentrate, this part of the Guide to Plants vs Zombies Heroes will help you to focus your energies on the game in the best way.

Build the best deck of Plants vs Zombies

As you know, in the game we will have to form battle decks, both the zombie team and the plant team. The main element of our deck are the heroes. Although there are 20 available, the first we can use is Green Shadow.

With the hero Green Shadow we can form a deck using the giant class cards and cunning class. As long as you do not have clever class cards available you can only form the deck with giant class cards. This is what happened to me in the beginning of the game, I show you a capture of one of the first decks I formed with the first hero Green Shadow.

Plants vs Zombies Heroes Guide

In the deck editor of Plants vs Zombies Heroes, we can add cards up to a total of 40. We can attack with less but it is not recommended.

Plants vs Zombies Heroes Tips to form your deck

  • It is important that we have a variety of cards with a level of Suns of one and two since otherwise during the first rounds we will be quite sold.
  • Always include letters that allow us to steal more cards. Sometimes you can keep letters of value from higher Suns than you can use and with this card, you can steal more cards. It does not always hurt to have them or to change cards because we need to carry out another type of strategy. You do not need to have too much of this kind, with three or two would be enough.
  • Trick cards are very useful, always incorporate some that increase the damage or value of other cards. A good example is the fertilizer letter that causes another plant to increase +3 damage and +3 health.
  • Always read all the extra skills of the cards, it is very useful to know what we have to know which cards to choose. So take a time to build your deck. Example, if we have trump cards in our deck like the one I mentioned before fertilizing, it is very useful to have moss repeater in our deck, if it happens that we have it in game and we throw a trick, repeater moss has the ability to When you play a trick you make an extra attack.

These are tips you should keep in mind when building your best Battle of Plants vs Zombies Heroes deck, but if you want us to upload combinations of specific decks do not hesitate to write it in the comments of the article. We continue to play to the fullest and we already have many cards of different kinds, so we can really advise you on all possible deck of cards.

By the way, as you have seen this guide on Plants vs Zombies Heroes is more oriented towards plants, we do this because at the beginning of the game are unlocked before the plants but if you want to know concrete things about the zombies ask without fear that we also control.

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