Justice League Action Run

Justice League Action Run – The one who does not run, Fly

That’s what comes to mind when we see the superhero DC Comics overcome obstacles in this new endless run named Justice League Action Run.

The guys at Bkom Studios have developed this game for the DC Kids franchise by adapting their cartoon series, and that was already released at the end of last year in the United States.

As you can see, they have quite a bit of experience in these recreations of animation characters. They have done projects with the best studios like, for example, Disney or Marvel.

Justice League Action Run, disguise yourself as a superhero

As we said before, this Justice League Action Run is an endless run. That, in case someone does not know, is a type of game that consists of automatically advancing in the same direction and in which you must jump and dodge obstacles. Other titles that belong to the same genre are, for example, Temple Run or Super Mario Run.

What we have to do is,  jump, dodge and destroy obstacles that are hindering our way through a 3 lane track. Our protagonists will advance irremediably by it, and they will be able to make use of their superpowers to get to the end of it.

Anyone can be a hero

At our disposal will be some of the most famous characters in DC Comics. Among them, Batman, Superman or Wonder Woman. And the objective of the missions, as it could not be another, is to lock up the supervillains of turn, like Lex Luthor or Joker.

As you go along the path, you will collect coins and emblems that will serve to unlock new superheroes, new skills, and new costumes.

Also, in each phase of the Justice League Action Run, you will be asked to take some action. Some examples may be; Reach the end of the route, traverse holograms or destroy artifacts. And, as you advance in the chapters, the difficulty will increase due to the greater number of obstacles to be overcome.

You’re already mine … Batman

Another aspect to mention is the possibility of accessing the content of the company DC Kids. We have at our disposal videos of programs and series of animation. We can keep up to date on the brand in the news section. And, of course, we can read some comics of our favorite heroes. All additional material is in English. Something that, on the other hand, is logical.

We have the possibility to make integrated purchases. In them, we are given the option of getting justice packs and enhancers that will make us play the game more quickly.

And, finally, comment that there is no possibility to follow your departure in another device. Neither through codes, nor by Facebook, nor in the cloud. Hopefully, in the next updates of this Justice League Action Run add it.

Justice League Action Run Trailer

Justice League Action Run Review by categories:


At first, you may get bored by the ease of obstacles. It depends on how clever you are. But, as the game progresses, the level is complicated, and in some cases, it costs to repeat the mission a few times. The control of the characters is not as fluid as you’d like, but even then you will not have any problem jumping, dodging and destroying.


They are not bad. In the screens of selection has taken the image of the personages exactly equal to the series of television. As for playing time, the 3D characters have been faithfully recreated and the textures well defined.


The game has the typical superhero music. A melody that conveys strength and confidence. As for the sound effects are somewhat vulgar as they do not stand out especially.

Final verdict:

In my opinion, this game is for young people. It has been faithfully recreated from the animated series Justice League Action. Besides, exceeding levels does not involve excessive complexity, unless you carry a few difficult missions.

It is not a title that surprises too much. It’s almost like any other endless run on the market. Only if you are a fan of the series or the DC franchise can I motivate you a little more?

Another point that has not pleased me is the fluidity in the selection screens. Sometimes it’s hard to hit the start mission button because the finger drag function is very sensitive. Then, during the game itself, you also do not have the fluidity of the image you would expect.

In short, this Justice League Action Run has a lot to improve. It is possible that the next updates will see it.

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