Hot Wheels: Race Off – Get the speed of the looping

The mobile gamers were missing a title like this from the Hot Wheels franchise. Especially seeing the wide catalog of video games that have been developed over the years for other platforms. In this case, it is the Hot Wheels: Race Off.

Mattel, the largest toy company in the world, has joined the London studio Hutch to bring us this game of car racing that does not lack any details of the brand flaming.

Hot Wheels: Race Off, under friction = high speed

Of course, they have not been able to choose a better partner to develop this racing game, since, the study mentioned above, has been dedicated exclusively to four-wheelers. You just have to take a look at their catalog to realize that they are excellent at it.

It is possible to emphasize the resemblance almost traced, regarding gameplay and structure of gamification, of one of its previous titles. Specifically, I’m talking about the MMX Hill Dash. If you have played the latter, you will have no problem handling this Hot Wheels: Race Off.

Burning wheel on orange track

As in all races, the primary goal is to get the first to the finish line. You will compete in parallel with another rival in a versus, which many will remember the original toy correctly, and which I consider being the biggest point for this title if you are a fan of the brand. But even if you are not this Hot Wheels: Race Off is a lot of fun and hooks.

One of the things that attract the game is the possibility of collecting such unique cars. They are divided into groups (5 with the last update), and each one consists of 5 cars and 10 tracks. In total 25 cars and 50 different tracks, which you have to unlock. To get the cars is as easy as collecting the coins that will appear throughout the races and will allow you to improve them. What I do not think so high is that you have to upgrade a vehicle to the maximum to be able to unlock the next.

To access the clues, you must get at least one star to go to the next one, which is achieved by defeating your opponent. If you make better times, they will give you more stars and before you will unlock the tracks.

Drive original models created for the occasion

The gameplay is very simple. Press the accelerate button to fill the gas. But beware, because when the car is in the air, the accelerator and the brake serve to guide the horizontality of the vehicle. You will have to handle this well if you do not want the four wheels to be facing the sky. Because besides, in the upper part of the cars, there is a very nice austenite with an explosive at the end, that if something brushes … boooom !!

Along the tracks, you will have to go through different obstacles such as ramps, bridges, elevators, rocks or trailers, among others. But, the most exciting and most characteristic of the Hot Wheels: Race Off are undoubtedly its loopings. It could not be otherwise. When we touch the launch area, our car will be propelled to full pickup for a perfect full turn. There is nothing that reminds us more of the toys of this brand than the impressive and fast loopings.

Collect all the cars and fill your garage

Another aspect to keep in mind are the gifts that will arrive at you from time to time and that contain gems to improve your cars. One of the gifts is achieved by filling the bar that measures the pirouettes you make during the race. So do not cut yourself in doing somersaults, horsepower or endless flights. All sums.

Of course, it also has a multiplayer mode to deal with other pilots, whether friends or not. The penalty is that it can not be done simultaneously, you will have to wait for the other player to respond to your challenge.

And finally, another aspect that I consider important is that you can save your game in the cloud and follow it on another device. It gives me a lot of anger that to change my phone or have to erase my memory loses all my progress.

Hot Wheels: Race Off Trailer

Hot Wheels: Race Off Review by Categories:


The controls are easy to handle. Just accelerator and brake. That is all. The only thing you have to be careful of is in the jumps to orient your car well. If you do not, you will lose speed or even jump through the air.


They are soft and clean. Hot Wheels: Race Off fits perfectly to the aesthetics of the Hot Wheels brand. They have done an excellent job reproducing the design of the toys, and that shows in the vehicles.


The electronic music fits like a glove to this genre, but having a single theme becomes repetitive and tiring. In how many of the effects are quite good. Both the sound of the engine, the brakes and the explosions make you feel that you are behind the wheel at all times.

Final verdict:

Highly recommended. Simplicity in driving and playability are its strengths.

It is a game that hooks you from the beginning. When you are discovering the cars, you want to go to the next, see their aesthetic and their unique driving. Do not get bored of the tracks, some are quite complicated, and if you want to get the 3 stars, you’ll have to be a real crack at driving.

As points against would put on one side the music. It has a single theme, and although it is cool, it eventually becomes repetitive. And, on the other hand, it costs quite a lot to unlock all the cars. When you’ve got all the stars on all the tracks, you still have many miles to go to have them all.

If you like car racing games, bet on this Hot Wheels: Race Off. I think of that, Hot Wheels, you know for a while.

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