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Hopeless 3: Dark Hollow Earth – A third is defeated

Welcome to the duel of phrases made Hopeless 3. The guys from Upopa Games, creators of the saga Hopeless, bring us a new title of the saga, will it be worth ?. Whether in Hopeless or successive sequels, Upopa Games has been characterized by something: squeezing to the maximum its successes. Will they be able to reinvent themselves and bring Hopeless to the front? Is it another case of “three are multitude“? Or in counterpart will be shown as a “no two without three“?

Don’t shoot the blobs

The game mode is usual, shoot the enemies and not the blobs. It seems simple, but in this installment, Hopeless 3 will make us vibrate with its new mechanics of movement. So far we just had to look at the monsters to eliminate, nothing more. This concept has changed.

Our beloved protagonist must get on a “vehicle” (wheelbarrow, tank, …) and will automatically start to cross the level. This level has not only enemies but also adds elements with which to interact and modify the direction that our vehicle is going. Picking up blobs was never so fun!

Hats for everyone!

Hopeless 3 not only gives us the possibility to save the blobs, but it also allows us to customize them. The customization section, although reduced to hats, offers a broad range of accessories for the heads of our yellow friends, multiplying the hours that you can get to devote to the game.

A game more complicated than it seems

We focus on the equipment improvements that are in the match. In each set of levels, we will have a vehicle and a weapon of that area. We can improve weapons to kill more and improved vehicles will be our anti-monsters-that-give-fear shield.

All these improvements are made in exchange for in-game money. Here comes the good, these improvements are only for the block of levels in which we use them so keep this in mind when it comes to spending the $$$.

Hopeless 3: Dark Hollow Earth Trailer

Hopeless 3: Dark Hollow Earth Review by categories:


After two installments of Hopeless, I’m surprised that they have managed to improve an exploited format and, in my opinion, already obsolete. A great success for the followers of the saga and a game sufficiently attractive for the new players to be interested in the previous Hopeless.


Blobs are adorable by nature if you add graphics care with an almost cartoon style and polished and very fluid animations you get an outstanding game in the graphic section. It will not revolutionize the industry, but it is exquisite.


The most important section in this game. If I have not said it before, I will take it. Play Hopeless 3 with helmets or at least the speaker with volume. The developers put mime in the time to create the atmosphere that surrounds the blobs and the monsters that persecute them, and it is in the sound where it is accentuated more. The breath of the enemies or the cries of the little protagonists will plunge you into the stress of survival.

Final Verdict:

Hopeless 3 remains in the market, despite maintaining a game system implemented long ago, based on innovating and trying new things. Play fun, quick and at least a smile will take you out.

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