Bethesda Pinball

Bethesda Pinball – Pinball with Dragons and Demons

It’s nothing new that Bethesda is one of the smart developers. At Zen Studios they have seen and wanted to take advantage of the pull. Now you ask, what do these people do? Well, they play pinball games. And they do very well, and everything has to be said. Next, to Bethesda Pinball, we find pinballs of all possible topics, from Star Wars to The Walking Dead, and all very well seen by the community of players. Let’s see if Bethesda Pinball has the level of their brothers.

From physical to digital format

Pinball was, at the time, the equivalent of what is now a PS4 Pro or a PC Gaming Master Race. For many, they are already an element of oblivion, and its use in physical format has been relegated to the most melancholy. Some of these melancholics decided to take their favorite game to a digital platform so that everyone could enjoy them. Maybe, personally, the example that comes to me is the Pokémon Pinball Game Boy Color. It was a game very well received by the public and showed that on almost any platform this format could succeed.

DOOM, Skyrim and Fallout

Zen Studios proposed a classic pinball but made up with the successes of Bethesda. Everything a success. Bethesda Pinball transports us to any of the three mythical universes of the company and offers us a personalized board with interactions and references to moments and characters of the games. Finally, they add to this formula a system of global and social ranking so that competitiveness is present and does not become a casual game anymore.

Bethesda Pinball Trailer

Bethesda Pinball Analysis by categories


The simplest possible. If you press on the left of the screen, you activate the left puncher and the same for the right one. If we click on the top of the screen towards some direction, we will move the board (simulating the people shaking the original machines). Finally, we will have perks that will help us get more points. As a summary, they took the concept and gave a facelift.


The most surprising section. At Bethesda Pinball, the details have been taken care of, and they can be played on any of the 3 boards. But like everything in this life, nothing is perfect. Maps load animations at your own pace, and it is quite common to find yourself with a pixelated ball or an animation without finishing loading. Things to polish without a doubt.


Bethesda Pinball is a real pinball game. Even so, failures in charges, daily game limits, and in-game purchases make you lose every second. Precisely that is the point at which being flagged by Bethesda makes it float and be a delight for fans of DOOM, Skyrim and Fallout.

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